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Curious when are you needed the most to answer your e-mails? Need to extract senders email
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22 March 2011

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Any professional working in a corporate set up has lots of responsibilities and procedures to handle and to manage this, constant communication is required with colleagues and management which every time cannot be done personally. Hence, official e-mail accounts were created to handle such in-house communication and notifications without which any kind of process would suffer. Also, such e-mail clients facilitate managing information and generating reports based on e-mail reverts generated from multiple resources. Further, meetings and discussions are a part of any professional’s life and in the process of attending meetings, important e-mails by HR or top management can be missed that could lead to discrepancies. Topalt Reports for Outlook 1.2 is an integrated utility that helps its users in managing time effectively and suitably answer e-mails at times when it is most important.

Topalt Reports for Outlook opens with a neatly organized interface with the chief options placed at the top and report generating controls that easily create reports for any folder in the mailbox and the user can simply choose the report type and select date ranges and time ranges for publishing the report. The user can generate the message amount and bandwidth along with the sender and recipient reports for the e-mails and produce reports by any frequency and even apply date filters to include precise and to the point information in the report. The application is intuitive enough to be used on all versions of Outlook including 2000, XP, 2007 and 2003.

To sum up, Topalt Reports for Outlook certainly is an enhanced application with multiple usages for its users; however doesn’t garner much rating owing to lack of clarity in performance and common controls that do not offer anything new and hence gets a score of three points.

Publisher's description

Curious when are you needed the most to answer your e-mails? Need to extract senders email addresses?
That is where Topalt Reports helps you - create Outlook report to find that out.
Create email amount report to count emails received during certain time (hours, days, weeks, months).
Create sender report to extract all email addresses that you have received emails from.
And it's FREE!
Topalt Reports for Outlook
Topalt Reports for Outlook
Version 2.0.7
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